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"fiddlesticks!", a good smiting, albel's panties, alexander o. smith, amphisbena*, artemis entreri, astronomy, being an absolute dorkface, being gay for larsa, big plastic snowflakes, books, boys in uniform, cake monsters, cathedrals, chansons de geste, comics, darth retardo, diarmuid dan ailell, driveby book buying, faerie tales, final fantasy xii, french harpsichords, frilly hijinks, giant lightbulbs, giant squids, hat pr0n, hush of falling snow, ice cream, idina menzel, ithorian jedi, jedi strike team, kleptomania, limegreen fetish, lipstick ninjas, literary devices, memories of flight, mythology, nakamura shungiku, neil gaiman, not wearing pants, pointy shoes, precision sextants, religion, running through hallways, scissors first, shiina ringo, shiny things, snubfighters, star wars, staring at the wall, steinway&sons, sunshine from within, sunshine on the skin, sydney losstarot, tea parties with tophats, the age of sail, things with wings, tolkien, tori amos, vagrant story, video games, wonder
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